Chinese Ambassador to UAE attends 2009 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Middle East Division


On 7 August, His Excellency Gao Yusheng the Ambassador of China to UAE and his wife attended 2009 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant of the Middle East. Competition was stiff in fashion display, performance of talent and Q&As. Nadya, with Chinese and Yemenese heritage, won the champion of 2009 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Middle East division and will represent the region to compete in the 2009 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant final in China's  Macau this October.


Photo Left: Nadya (C), runner-up Gong Ting (L) and third place winner Li Liuyan (R) pose at the award ceremony in Dubai

Photo Right: Performance of Talent and Art


Photo Left: Ambassador Gao Yusheng and Consul General Gao Youzhen received the charitable donation

Photo Right: Ambassador Gao Yusheng made a thank-you speech


On the evening, the 2009 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Middle East Division organizing committee made a charitable donation of RMB¥200,000 via Chinese Foreign Ministry to a high school in Jinping County, Yunnan Province of China. His Excellency Gao Yusheng delivered a thank-you speech. He also called upon people of Chinese heritage in UAE to further promote the virtues of the Chinese nation, namely beauty of mind, language and behaviour, so as to contribute to China-UAE friendship and a more prosperous Chinese nation.

Founded in 2003, Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant started its Middle East Division for the first time this year.

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