Notice on Airline Boarding Requirements for Certificates
(For non-Chinese citizens)

1. In order to reduce cross-border transmission of Covid-19, starting from 7 November 2020, passengers from the United Arab Emirates to China, before boarding the flight, will be required to apply for a Certified Health Declaration Form (CHD Form) from the Chinese Embassy in the UAE or Chinese Consulate-General in Dubai upon presentation of nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests (hereinafter referred to as "tests") results.

2. The tests must be taken at a medical institution appointed by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate-General in UAE within 48 hours before boarding. The scanned copies of negative tests results, along with passport information page, itinerary and the signed Health Declaration Form, must be sent by email to the Chinese Embassy in the UAE or the Chinese Consulate-General in Dubai.

Email of the Chinese Embassy in the UAE:

Email of the Chinese Consulate-General in Duba:

3. These documents will then be examined and verified by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate-General before a stamped CHD Form is emailed back to the applicant. The CHD Form within its validity period must be printed out and presented to the airline official before boarding.

4. Passengers are adviced to take direct flight to China, those who insisting on flying from UAE to China via connecting flights must make sure they meet the boarding requirements of the transit airports, which may include but not limited to taking the tests in the transit country and applying for a stamped CHD Form from the Chinese Embassy/Consulates General in the transit country. Passengers are therefore advised to find out about the entry regulations and tests requirements of the transit country before traveling. Failure to enter the transit country, or to meet the requirements on tests or CHD Form, could result in heightened infection risk or being stranded.

5. Transit passengers bound for China via UAE must take the tests in the UAE and apply for a stamped CHD Form from the Chinese Embassy in the UAE or Chinese Consulate-General in Dubai as indicated in paragraphs 1 and 2 before heading to China.

6. Passengers for China are advised to read the requirements carefully and follow them accordingly to avoid denied boarding or change of itinerary due to the failure in providing negative tests results and obtain a CHD Form.

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