Agreement on Economic, Trade and Technological Cooperation Between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the United Arab Emirates

The Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the United Arab Emirates, being desirous of strengthening the bonds of friendship and relations in the field of Economic, Trade and Technological Cooperation based on mutual respect and benefit, have agreed upon the following:


The two contracting parties shall endeavour to step up their cooperation in the spheres of economy and technology and promote their trade exchanges in accordance with the rules and regulations existing in their countries.


The Economic, Trade and Technological Cooperation shall under this agreement cover the spheres of industry, energy, trade, agriculture, investment and its securities, transport and communications, construction and exchange of technological expertise in various fields including training of cadres and any other area to be agreed upon in future.


The Contracting Parties shall encourage the free exportation and importation between each other of Agricultural and Industrial products as well as natural wealth products of local origin; excluding those products which are banned by local regulations from importation or exportation.


The Contracting Parties shall encourage cooperation between organizations and bodies in private and public sectors in both countries in the sphere of exchange of trade as well as trade and economic delegations.


For the purpose of this agreement transactions shall be carried out under freely convertible currencies to be agreed to by both parties.


Each Contracting Party shall encourage the participation of the other in International Exhibitions and Fairs held in both countries and shall permit each other to undertake the organization of exhibitions in their territory and provide each other with the appropriate facilities for these purposes in accordance with their respective rules and regulations.


The provisions of this agreement shall not affect the obligations of either party arising from their membership or affiliation to any International, Regional or Quasi-Regional Group, body or Organization.


In order to facilitate the implementation of this implementation of this Agreement and presentation of recommendations and proposals, a joint committee comprising representatives from both governments shall be set up to deal with the following:

A) Discuss and submit recommendations on the implementation of this agreement.

B) Explore possible new horizons to expand the mutual cooperation between both countries in the Economic, Trade and Technological spheres.

C) Prepare detailed Protocols on cooperation in any other sphere to be agreed upon. The Joint Committee shall meet annually or at the request of either party and approval of the other in rotation in Peking and Abu Dhabi and its recommendations shall be valid following ratification by the competent authorities in both countries.


Should supplemental contracts be concluded under this agreement between both Contracting Parties or their nationals on which disputes may arise in the course of execution or interpretation thereof, disputes in respect of personal rights shall b e determined by the competent courts to which the defendant belongs whereas disputes over estate rights shall be referred to the competent courts where the estate in question is located.


This agreement shall enter into force following the exchange of Instruments of Ratification for one year to be automatically renewed unless either party serves the other with a notice of termination of not less than three months and provided that such termination shall not be applicable to the commitments arising from this agreement until final clearance of the respective rights during the winding up period to be agreed to by both contracting parties.

Done and signed at Abu Dhabi on November 14, 1985 in Chinese, Arabic and English Languages which shall be equally valid. In the event of dispute over the interpretation of the provisions of this agreement, the English Text shall prevail.

For the Government of                                                   For the Government of

the People's Republic of China                                       the United Arab Emirates

Yao Yilin Deputy Prime Minister of the                          Hamdan Bin Mohamed AI Nahyan

State Council                                                                Deputy Prime Minister

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