Remarks by Ambassador Chang Hua at BRICS Business Forum(Dubai)

Pool Our Efforts Together for Common Development

--Remarks by Ambassador Chang Hua at BRICS Business Forum(Dubai)

Distinguished Excellencies,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very delighted to be present at today's BRICS Business Forum. I would like to take this opportunity to extend, on behalf of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United Arab Emirates, my sincerest congratulations for this Forum and my gratitude for the huge efforts made by business councils of BRICS countries in the UAE to make this Forum a reality.

China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa are all big influential powers with distinctive shining points, potentials for future development and unique advantages in conducting cooperation. To put it simply, the five countries are all gleaming with golden color with different strong points. The better we give play to our strong points, the more room we will enjoy for cooperation, thus creating more gold therein.

In July 2015, the 7th BRICS Summit was held in Ufa, Russia with resounding success. The Summit, with the theme of BRICS Partnership-a Powerful Factor of Global Development, aimed at building a closer partnership among BRICS countries and issued the Ufa Declaration and Plan of Action as well as the Strategy for the BRICS Economic Partnership, thus providing guidance and a roadmap for BRICS countries to strengthen cooperation against the backdrop of global economic downturn.

Only after two months, business councils of BRICS countries in the UAE pool their efforts together and hold the first meeting and business forum in Dubai, which is of great significance as it establishes a platform for enterprises of BRICS countries in the UAE to stand closer to each other for mutual benefit.

The Forum speaks volumes for the power of execution of enterprises of BRICS countries in the UAE. As a promt response to initiatives put forward by the Ufa Summit, the Forum kickstarts a new round of cooperation by establishing a long lasting cooperation mechanism and materializing what has been achieved by the Ufa Summit. In this sense, this Forum demonstrates the positive and pragmatic attitude of enterprises and epitomizes the fact that multi-layer cooperation among BRICS countries is deeping with more diversifed content.

The Forum is useful for boosting competitivity of enterprises of BRICS countries in the UAE. Just as Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out at the Ufa Summit, BRICS countries are like the five fingers of a hand. Spread, they have distinctive strong points. Clenched, they form a powerful fist. At present, the trade volume between BRICS countries and the UAE accounts for one fourth of the UAE's total. Also, foreign residents are much more than local ones and they are scattered in almost all areas. Therefore, enterprises of BRICS countries in the UAE have every reason to take advantage of the Forum by fully tapping potentials for cooperation, carefully planning key areas, pooling all resources available together, sharing information and boosting vigor and vitality, thus better connecting with the UAE market while at the same time making themselves more competitive. In so doing, we can add new impetus in our economic cooperation with better quality.

The Forum will make enterprises of BRICS countries in the UAE more attractive. Our cooperation is not aimed at any third party, but strives for mutual benefit with our collective efforts and calls for peace, development and diversification. Every enterprise here is a business card of your country as well as a pratitioner of achieving peaceful development, standing for fair competition and building a closer and firmer partnership. I am confident that under the guidance of the Forum, enterprises of BRICS countries in the UAE will act on just social morals, thus becoming a strong pushing force for creating a healthier market and achieveing common prosperity.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

China is making collective efforts with other countries in the world, including the UAE and other BRICS countries, to push forward the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Maritime Silk Road. The initiative of building the Belt and Road is highly accommodating, as it is well connected with the development strategies of countries along the Belt and Road as well as other multilateral cooperation mechanisms like the BRICS and G20, provding a route for developing countries to participate in global governance reform in a cooperative and efficient manner. The initiative of building the Belt and Road is very much open. In geographical sense, it is only related to Eurasia and its adjoing seas. However, we embrace friends from every corner of the global into an open, accommodating, balanced and all-favoring regional economic cooperation framework in the spirit of negotiating, building and enjoying together. China stands ready to actively reintegrate into exising framworks and support and help other countries so as to build a Road and Belt on the basis of mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual benefit and mutual learning, thus making greater contributions to promoting common development and granting more benefits to all peoples across the globe.


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