Name List of Major Diplomats

H.E. Huang Jiemin           Ambassador                Mdm. Ma Yuying           Wife of Ambassador

Mr. Wang Yongzhao           Political Counselor

Mr. Li Wei                 Military, Naval and Air Attaché

Mr. Wang Guoqiang          Economic & Commercial Counselor


Ms. Song Changhong         First Secretary

Mr. Gao Ming               Third Secretary

Mr. Song jian              Third Secretary

Ms. Shao Minmin            Attaché

Mr. Huang Wei              Attaché

Mr. Wen Zhangda            Attaché


Military Dept.

Captain Luo Xiaotian:      Secretary to the Military Attaché


Economic & Commercial Dept.

Mr. Li Guangfei            Attaché

Mr. Tan Lei                Attaché

Mr. Hou Bo                 Attaché

Ms. Guo Yajuan             Attaché 

Ms. Li Yan                 Attaché 


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